Artist Statement


My artwork combines Celtic designs and other decorative motifs with contemporary imagery. I often draw upon my local community for inspiration. Therefore, freeways, Latin culture, jet airliners and social themes interlace together in a swirling celebration of color and rhythm. 

One question I am often asked is, why are all the arms and legs woven together?  Years ago I became festinated with Celtic art, which is filled with spirals, key patterns and knotwork. They symbolize to me the cycles of nature, seasonal change or a road to be traveled. The knotwork pattern expresses the interconnectedness of all things. Like, the invisible bonds of love and family. The figures conform to this unseen rhythm to make more evident our participation in life’s great pattern.  

For me I see these great patterns not only in beautiful natural settings, but also in our urban environment. Even though we live with cars, pavement and buildings, the splendid rhythm pulses through our hustle and bustle. We are still part of nature wherever we live.  

Over the last 12 years I have focused on public art. It brings me great pleasure to use my talents to express the community’s stories and aspirations. Whether it is a public park, a library or a church setting I try to symbolize life’s splendid rhythms at work in our everyday world.