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Was born in Duluth Minnesota on November 7 1958 and moved to Sacrament California as a kid. Grew up in Sacramento where all my family still lives.

Education: Received BFA in painting at the California College of Art and MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1988. Moved to Los Angeles in 1989 where he lives with his Wife Lynda and two children Haley 19 and Neil 14.

My first interest in Celtic art was in a Medieval history art class my first year in College. Thinking it would be dull it perked up when the instructor put a slide of the Chi Rho page from the Book of Kells. I had no knowledge of it before that but was immediately enchanted with the complexity and that there was an Irish based art form. Bought George Bain’s book Methods of Construction of Celtic art. I began learning how to draw spirals, interlace and key patterns. Incorporated it into my some elements of Celtic art into my artwork during my college years.

After graduating from the San Francisco Art institute and moved to Los Angeles I began combining Celtic art with centenary imagery. It was my attempt to explore this ancient art form in our modern world.

Began showing in galleries around so. Cal and refining my Celtic art skills. [This is when I met you Jim] Met several other Celtic artist from around the US and in 1999 through 2011 did a series of shows with the American Celtic group. This included Jen Delyth, Cindy Mayti, Michael Carroll, and Patrick Gallagher. We exhibited in New York City, Chicago, Cincinnati, Los Angeles, Lexington KY, St. Louis and Milwaukee. We have exhibited at the Irish Fairs in Columbus Ohio, Milwaukee and Los Angeles.

In 1995 began playing the tin whistle when my wife bought me one on a trip to Chicago. I took too it quickly and to my surprise I also had some talent as a musician. I have been playing in a Traditional Irish band the Praties for the past 15 years. We play at Irish Fairs, pubs and parties. Playing music is something I never would have thought I would be doing but it shows that you are more capable than you think you are.

Began doing Public art in 2003 and have created dozens of murals for Schools, libraries, public parks, churches and private commissions. Currently I am working on an Altarpiece for Holy Nativity Church in Westchester Los Angeles. I still combine Celtic elements into the public art, which has become a staple of my artistic style.
Steve O’Loughlin

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